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The Charioteer

‘Both a romp and thriller. Evans feeds the reader’s appetite for history and thrills.’ Richard Foreman

Constantinople 550AD

The Roman Empire is in crisis with war in Italy and plague ravaging the cities. Emperor Justinian’s reconquest of the west has stalled, and his treasury is bankrupt.

Porphyrius the Charioteer, a bitter former slave, is the greatest competitor to ever ride in the Hippodrome, but when he loses his last race an old debt must be paid.

Cosmas the Rat is a traveller and heretical preacher condemned by the patriarchs for teaching that the world is flat.

Theodosius Dagisthaeus is a disgraced general, despised by his own men and desperate to redeem his fortunes.

The three unlikely companions are forced undertake a mission that could restore the Empire to its ancient glory. They are sent to steal the secret of silk from China.

The Persian King of Kings will do anything to stop the Romans. His agents hunt them relentlessly until their journey becomes a race to escape with their lives and the prize.

To return home the trio must reach the Indian coast, where they hope that Roman ships are waiting.

But their fate could change, as easily as the tides.

Praise for Jemahl Evans:

‘The research is impeccable and the writing full of verve.’ Antonia Senior, The Times

‘It's great fun and a rollicking good read.’ Historical Novel Society

‘Frankly, glorious.’ Michael Jecks

‘Warrior is a swift, breathless plunge into the high medieval period.’ J.A. Ironside, author of The King's Knight


Blandford ‘Sugar’ Candy sits right up there with Rose Tremain’s Merivel as one of the great creations of a seventeenth century man.

Deborah Swift author of The Lady's Slipper

Blandford Candy is as endearing a rogue as you are likely to find in any work of literature.

Matthew Harffy author of the Bernicia Chronicles.


The research is impeccable and the writing full of verve.

Antonia Senior, The Times.


 It's great fun and a rollicking good read.

Historical Novel Society.

Frankly, glorious.

Michael Jecks (Author of Blood in the Sand)

Evans rewards those who have studied the period with a wealth of gritty detail.

David Luckhardt, English Civil War Society of America


The best historical fiction I have read in years!

James Kemp,


 Superbly written, engaging and never less than absorbing.

Harper Collins Review


The filth, degradation and debauchery are vividly portrayed.




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