Becket: Warrior

The first in my new trilogy of e-novellas has been published by Sharpe Books. It follows the story of the 1159 Toulouse campaign and Thomas Becket's career as Chancellor with Henry II. Obviously my metafictional brain means there's a nod to the Candy series in there, but blink and you'll miss it...

2020 is an important year for Becket anniversaries. It's the millennium since his birth, 950 years since his death, and 900 years since his sainthood. The next two novellas will trace the argument with Henry and escape to France in 1164 and conclude with the last month before his murder. Both will be released in the New Year.


"Warrior is a swift, breathless plunge into the high medieval period." J.A. Ironside, author of The King's Knight



Thomas of London, Chancellor of England, has spent a lifetime as a clerk, administrator, and ambassador. Now he must prove himself a warrior and leader of men, if his friend and master King Henry II of England is to achieve his ambition to rule all France.

The fiery King and calculating Chancellor are as close as brothers, but many at court see Thomas as an upstart. Becket must fight on a political as well as military front.

The city of Toulouse controls trade into Spain and the Mediterranean. With it in English hands, Henry will control more of the Frankish Kingdom than Louis VII of France.

The French King, and Count Raymond of Toulouse, will stop at nothing to save the city and France from the greatest English host ever assembled.

Thomas and the English army must prove their mettle, or be condemned to defeat on foreign soil.

Recommended for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michael Jecks and Conn Iggulden.

Becket: Warrior is the first book in a new series by acclaimed author, Jemahl Evans, based on the life of the medieval martyr.

Praise for Jemahl Evans:

"Evans turns Becket into a flesh and blood character." Richard Foreman, author of Band of Brothers.

“The research is impeccable and the writing full of verve.” Antonia Senior, The Times.

“It's great fun and a rollicking good read.” Historical Novel Society.

“Frankly, glorious.” Michael Jecks.

Becket: Warrior is available from AMAZON as a kindle ebook.

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